Zog Maran

Zog maran, du khaver mayner,
Vu is greyt der seyder dayner?
In tifn heyl in a kheyder,
dort hob ikh gegreyt mayn seyder.

Tell me, Marrano, my friend
where your seder is prepared?
I have made my seder ready
in a room, in a deep cave.

Zog maran mir vu bay vemen
Vestu vayseh matzos nemen?
In der heyl oyf got’s barotn
Hobn mir dem teyg geknotn.

Tell me Marrano, how and from whom
you will get your white matzos?
My wife, having consulted God
has kneaded the dough in the cave.

Zog maran vi vest zikh klign
A hagode vu tzu krign
In der heyl, in tife shpaltn
Hob ikh zi shoyn lang bahaltn.

Tell me, Marrano, how will you
get your hands on a Haggodah?
I have long hidden them
in a deep crack in the cave

Zog maran, vi vest zikh vern
Ven men vet dayn kol derhern
Ven der soyne vet mikh fangen
Vel ikh kempfn mit gesangen.

Tell me, Marrano, how you will be
if they hear your voice.
If the enemy captures me
I will go down singing.

Poem by Avrom Reizn.
Melody by Shmuel Bugatch.
Music arranged and performed by Linda Hirshhorn and Vocolot.
click to hear –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MJakY8OzQ8
This recording loops the same version over and over after 2:25, but I love their voices.

A zisn Pesakh to all.


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