What’s Brewing

I’m trying to finish some things that are mostly done. On the top of the pile is my grandfather’s Amolike Yidn, ostensibly a book of folk stories, but also more than that. I’m excited to be almost there, but as any carpenter could tell you, the ‘last bits’ sometimes take almost as long as the whole rest of the job. The title means “Long Ago Jews”, or maybe, “Jews of Long Ago.” Probably not, “Jews of Yore”. While that is brewing, and while I’m waiting for my attempt at online learning to start up, I thought I’d just mention a couple of interesting things that have come across my cyber desk in the last week or so.

From the Forverts, an interview with Golda Meir in Yiddish:


From InGeveb, an old article (last November) about using Rosenfelds “Mayn Rue Plats” to teach Yiddish students about variations in how Yiddish was used in the real world. In this case, Daytshmerish usages and spellings.


And a newer article, gathering basic information about the various summer programs for learning about Yiddish language and culture.


Last week there was an interesting notice about posters at the Jewish Library in Montreal


I’m also working, gradually, on reshaping my online self. Some time over the next month or two I will be creating a webpage for my poetry and other non-Yiddish-oriented writing. This is not supposed to affect Tongue’s Memory in any way, except to give people another route to access it. But I am not altogether competent in this area. If any old links or blog posts stop working, and if you somehow discover this (say if you click on a link embedded in an old email, and nothing comes up), please let me know.

Finally, this is not breaking news, but it was news to me. There is a beer called Vilde Khaye Beer. Available only in Israel. I’ve asked a friend who is traveling there to pick some up and bring it back for me. Yum.



Vilde Khaye Beer. I can’t wait to try them all.

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