HW Letter

Dear Friends,

hw letter 2Mostly I have learned how little I know. I hand in homework, and it comes back with multiple corrections in every sentence. After I used the word ‘blutik’ to refer to a corrected paper, my teacher traded the red ink for a kinder blue. A rakhmone (a mercy) I wasn’t swiftly corrected: “Not ‘blutik’, farblutikt.”
Some degree of shame tolerance is crucial for language learning. For that reason, I’m posting today’s homework in public, hoping that in a year I can come back here with the chops to rapidly detect and correct my mistakes.

But I’ll see you before then.



One thought on “HW Letter

  1. Already corrected פריינד to פרײַנד; and ליבערע to ליבע, and the names פּערעץ to פּערצן , and שלום עליכם to שלום עליכםן (dative. but probably still wrong. Ven ikh volt gehot mer tsayt….


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