As Your Gift


As Your Gift

Your good broad hand that guides the planets’ ways
in their wide circles, and keeps their paths unbent,
measures for each living thing its share of days
from your high and capacious firmament:

The cows in the stable have this many dates,
and in the woods, this many for the hunted ones
this many bumps in the road for Adam’s sons
just as it is written in the Book of Fates.

And I, too, in flesh and blood have had my planned
allotment, my full portion. I am sated
with days, as summer leaves are saturated.
And I greet each new day that comes as holy,

as your gift; and like my first day in agony
my last one, too, will be counted from your hand.


from Sonetn, by Mani Leib.
Translation 2016, by David R. Forman. Do not reproduce or use without permission.



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