Solomon Simon Bibliography in Progress

Since I admitted in my last post that I am never going to identify and gather everything my grandfather ever wrote, there’s no longer any reason not to share this information that I have been gathering over the past year.

Here are all of Solomon Simon’s published non-fiction writings I’ve been able to identify and locate so far, outside of his twenty published books. [Those marked with * I know where they are but do not yet have a copy]. There is no better way I know of to give an indication of the range of his interests and the scale of his output.

This is work in progress. I know of several more articles that I have not yet been able to obtain. My intent, following  a little more research, is to leave out book chapters reprinted in a newspaper or journal once the book was written, but to keep those articles that were raw material for later books. I have also left out the series of pamphlets published for school children that are simply illustrated chapters of his Kinder Yorn fun Yidishe Shraybers.

Finally, I have not yet included his stories. Many of these were published first in Kinder Zhurnal. I have only begun to look at that material.

  1. Pamphlets (excluding Montreal schools Kinder Yorn chapter excerpts):

Leyvik’s Golem (1927). Pamphlet. Farlag Yidish Lebn.

Der Goyrl fun Undzere Yiddishistishe Shuln (1956). Pamphlet. Originally published [at least in part?] in Fraye Arbeter Stimme, May 18, 1956.

Dos Meglekhe un Umeglekhe. (1961). Pamphlet. Reprint from Almanakh Yidish.

Mayses fun Agada (with Chaim Shoys). (1936). Published by the Authors.

  1. Chapters in Edited Books

Mayn Yidishkayt: Der Vidui fun a Yidish Inteligent, (1929). Chapter in Yidish Amerike (Ed. Noyakh Shteynberg), pp 175-188.

Peretz Hirshbein der Kinder-Dertsayler, (1941). In Peretz Hirshbein: Tsu Zayn 60tn Geboyrentog. Hirshbein Yubl Komitet, pp. 184 – 192.

A Shmues. (1955). Chapter in, Pinchas Gingold Buch, pp. 299-303.

Nevies un Mlukhe. (1969-1970) Chapter in Hesed L’Avrom: Sefer Hayubl Avrom Golomb. pp. 695-704. Avrom Golomb Yubl Komitet, baym Yivo in Los Angeles.

Di Geshikhte fun a Sholem Aleichem Folkshul, (1972). Chapter published posthumously in Der Derekh fun Sholem Aleichem Institut (Bilingual: English version, Our First Fifty Years). Ed. Shaul Gutman (Saul Godman). The Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute. pp. 71 – 78.

50 Yor Sholem Aleichem Institut, (1972). Chapter published postumously in Der Derekh fun Sholem Aleichem Institut (Bilingual: English version, Our First Fifty Years). Ed. Shaul Gutman (Saul Godman). The Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute. pp. 103 – 109. Originally delivered as a talk, May 18, 1968, at the SAFI Jubilee Conference.

  1. Journal and Newspaper Articles

Piyonern (1923). In Oyfgang 1(2), Feb., pp. 51-55. (Note: Published under the name “S” (samekh) Simon.

In der Bikher Velt (1923). In Oyfgang, 1(2), Feb., pp. 75 – 80. (Note: Published under the name “Shimon Shimonovitz”).

“Oyf Fremd Erd” fun Yud Yud Zinger (1926). In Undzer Bukh,1(1), p.50.

Dray Bikher (1927). In Unzer Bukh, 2(2) pp.179-181.

Vegn Lutskin [“Nemt es iz gut far Aykh”] un Apelboym [“Afn Shvel”] (1928). In Oyfkum, 3(6-7), June-July, pp. 60-61.

“Groys Shtot” fun L. Faynberg (1928). In Oyfkum, 3(8-9), Aug.-Sept., pp. 58 – 60.

Vald Brunem un Andere Dertseylungen fun S. Chester (1928). In Oyfkum 3(8-9), Aug.-Sept., pp 60 – 62.

Lord Byrons “Yidishe Melodies” (1928). In Oyfkum 3(10), October, pp. 42-43.

“Af di Vegn fun Vint”, fun M. Kravets, (1928). In Oyfkum, 3(11), November, pp. 41-42.

Itsik Fefers “Gefunene Funken” , (1928). In Oyfkum, 3(12), December, pp. 41-42.

Alef Katzs Ibezetsung fun Stevensons Oytser Inzl, (1929). In Oyfkum, 4(1), Jan., pp 46-47.

H.G.Wells “Vuhin Geyt Undzer Velt,” (1929). In Oyfkum, 4(2), Feb. pp. 45-47.

Kinder Bikher. (1929). In Oyfkum, 4(3), p. 45.

“Yidn” fun Naftali Gros (1929). In Oyfkum, 4(4), pp. 43-45

Veynpers Nay Bukh LIder (1929) In Oyfkum, 4(6-7) pp. 42-45.

Fir Naye Bikhlekh far Kinder (1929). In Oyfkum 4(8-9), pp. 40-42.

Iberzetsung un Dikhtung: Vegn Dr. Ayzn’s iberzetsung fun Lord Byron’s “Cain”, (1932). Yidish (NY), Friday, July 1, pp. 11-12.

Di Perzenlikhkayt — Shmuel Niger. (1933) In Literarishe Bleter, August 11, pp. 510 – 512.

Yehoash bay der Arbet, (1939). In Der Khaver, Sunday, January 01, pp. 3-12.

Dr. Chaim Zhitlovskis Bukh “Yidn un Yidishkayt” (1941). In Yidishe Shriftn (Ed. Aba Gordon). Vol. 1, pp. 87-97.

*Finf un Tsvantsik Yor Kinder Zhournal. (1944). In Shulblat vol 6, #12, pp. 9-10.

Micah. (1944). In Yidishe Shriftn, vol. 4(4), pp. 412-420.

Frumkayt un Gutkayt: An Ofener Briv tsu Aba Gordin. (1945). In Yidishe Shriftn, vol 5(3), pp, 308-317.

Di Sholem Alechem Shuln un Zayne Problemen. (1946) Di Tsukunft 51(3), March, pp. 197-199.

Bikher un Shrayber (1948). In Yidishe Shriftn, vol. 6(4), pp. 73-80. [note: includes review of “A Gloybn far Ungloybike”]

Kinder Litearatur Oder Literatur far Kinder, (1949). In Bleter far Yidisher Derziung (World Bureau of Jewish Education) June/Sept. pp. 33-39.

Vegn Vayznbergs “Lomdes” (1950). In New Yorker Vokhnblat, Nov. 24, pp. 13-14.

Iberbrokh, (1951). In, Di Tsukunft, Jan., pp. 12-15.

Perzenlekhkayt un Polemishes, (1951). In New Yorker Vokhnblat, Feb. 2, pp. 3 – 5.

Profanatsiye (1951). In New Yorker Vokhnblat, Sept. 28, pp. 25 – 26.

An Entfer tsu Moyshe Vities (1951). In New Yorker Vokhnblat. October 21, p. 10.

Travers Herford—Der Forsher fun di Prushim (1951), in Di Tsukunft, Nov, pp. 435 – 438.

Yidish Vuhin? (1952). In, Di Tsukunft, Sept., pp. 317-323.

*40 Yor Yidish-Veltlekhe Shuln. In Morgn Zhurnal. (Jan 8, 1953).

Dray Bagegenishn Mitn Dikhter Mani Leyb. (1953). In Di Prese (Buenos Aires), November 14.

Tolerents un Frayhayt, (1954), in Yidishe Shriften band 7, pp. 21-30.

Der Eygenartiker Seyfer in TaNaKh (1955). In Der Tsukunft, Feb., pp. 636 – 638.

Abstrakte Etik un Halakha: An Entfer Aba Gordon (1955). In Yidishe Shriftn, 7(3-4), pp. 79 – 87.

Metafizik un Logik: An Entfer tsu di Kritikers fun ‘Tokh Yidishkayt’ (1955). In Zayn (NY), 2(7) November, pp. 18-26.

Farvos Nvies Bloyz Bay Di Yidn? (1956). In, Di Tsukunft, May/June, pp. 233-235.

Der Kateyger, vos iz Gevorn a Saneyger (1956). In, Di Tsukunft, Oct., pp. 383-384.

Historishe Shriften fun Chaim Shoys (1956). In, Di Tsukunft, Dec., pp. 487 – 488.

Teoretish Alts—Praktish Rirt Nisht On Keyn Oys: An ofener briv tsu Zalman Yefroiken, bildungs-direktor fun Arbeter-Ring. In Unzer Shul, March 1959, pp. 5-7.

Kritik (1959). Letter to the Editor. In Der Tsukunft, Oct., p. 433.

Yidishkayt bay ale badingungn. (1962). In Folk un Velt (World Jewish Congress). Vol. 11(113), February, pp. 1-5.

Stires un Sfeykes, (1962). In Tsukunft, 67(10) October, pp. 369-372.

Ultra Ortodoksn, oder Yidishe fundamentalistn in Amerike (1962) In Folk un Velt, October.

’Integrale Yidishkayt’, Ober On Got. In Yidisher Kemfer, Feb 22, 1963, pp. 9-12.

A Briv in Redaktsie, (1968). In Di Tsukunft, 73(1) January, p. 40.

Der Nign fun Lui Goldberg (1968). In Zayn, 14(54), November, pp. 15-17.

  1. Translation

Der Karakter fun Yidishe Traditsie, by Prof. Reuben Gordis (1948) [essay translated from Hebrew into Yiddish by S. Simon]. Yidishe Shriftn, 6(4), pp 16-33.

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